Silencing Testimonies

The devil is the father of lies. This is why it’s hard to talk about what God brought me out of. But it won’t stop me. I am supposed to get rid of my wife and child to live like a complete stranger thinks I should. The enemy has deceived so many minds. Sad day.


Leave Your Shoes Behind

This was a picture taken yesterday. The spirit of the Lord hit her so hard she shouted right out of her shoes. It used to be Bobby pin’s everywhere on the floor after a Holy Ghost blowout, but most are too dignified for that.

I have to make up in my mind that I might have to leave my shoes behind. Those shoes that I walk in this dirty world with. The shoes I walk in at work and at the grocery store. The shoes I wear when I can’t make it through a day at work, or even just in public. Those shoes that carries every load that we have, kick them off and worship God through it. It isn’t guaranteed that one shout will fix everything, but going though life, and shouting the walls down will never lead you in the wrong direction. Lose those shoes!