What isn’t trendy

I love our church. We do not have the best of everything. We don’t have a drummer. We don’t have colored lights and we may mess up a song. But one thing we do have is the presence of God. It’s amazing. You never know what you’ve been missing until you experience it again for the first time in a long time. We were so hindered by another’s inadequacies and now we have freedom. Freedom to live for God in Truth and not be ashamed or defensive. Or controlled. God is so good to us.


Literally, what kind of person bothers you, says horrendous things about you, and then turns it all around on you and takes you to court. I just can’t get over it. She has made our life hell for almost a year. But most people don’t fight back.

I did realize today that most people don’t even know about what she did. Her plan failed. I can’t wait until she messes with the wrong person. Everyone’s time runs out. She’ll get it from someone. Hopefully, this just took the heat off of someone that wouldn’t have been able to handle it. She is the devil incarnate. I wonder how much she makes from the tricks she turns. She isn’t making money any other way.