Lessons From Joy

I have decided to start doing a series of blog entries entitled “Lessons From Joy.” I decided to use the name of the aforementioned harasser to relay the lessons from the horrendous ordeal we went through.

Todays Lesson: Shut up!

“The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.”
‭‭Exodus‬ ‭14:14‬

Through out all the noise and accusations, my fleshy response would be to fight right back. I did try once. After that, I never said another thing. People are watching and they watch both sides. When an accusation is said in favor of a “friend,” the crazies come out a-blazing. We never did anything back, that was public or on social media. But what did happen, is we went to the Lord. Our church went to the Lord and He prevailed. Now you will find Joy on TikTok making fun of Jesus. You will find her perversion and her new “religion.” As a self-professed “witch,” with incantations and spells aloft, she has turned her very back on God. People see that. The people who are ok with it, and her level of crazy, I don’t need in my life.

The lesson here is that if you engage, the mess gets bigger, but if you hold your peace, God will fight for you. We are still Apostolic, we still have our business, and we are still the same as the day it all happened, except now, through it, we learned to lean on God and let Him fight for us. Because, let’s face it, when He fights, He wins.


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