The Worst

I am. I think I have probably mentioned it quite a bit, but I am the worst at keeping up a blog. I haven’t written a post in a while, so this one may be long. I am not sure. My last post was December of 2019. Lol. I guess social media has taken precedence until as of late. Maybe not. Anyway, I digress.

There is an entire year of a pandemic that I could cover, which I may at a later date, but there is one thing I do need to address. I left off with my wife possibly having MS, to possibly not having MS, to having it, etc. Up until last Sunday, June 27, 2021, this has been our life. I wrote about it in October of 2019, but have since not updated it.

We basically spent the next year and a half going from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist, city to city, prayer to prayer, with no luck. No relief. Spinal tap after spinal tap. Blood drawn, hospital stays, long trips, overnight stays, all for not. Even up until last Sunday, we had no answers. But God.

We were having a normal church service, but Leah and I were asked to open the service with a song. Then our pastors wife took over and we began to sing. We weren’t far into the singing when I hear a war cry, and look over and it is Leah. Right after that war cry, she began to dance and shout. Now, this may not seem that far out for us, but remember, this has been going on since 2019. Leah has lost mobility in her legs, constant seizures, driving privlidges taken away because of the seizures. I had to basically become 2 parents a lot of the time. Leah always pushed herself until she couldn’t anymore, way more than I think I could have.

I look over, and she is dancing and shouting and it hit me that it was the first time that I had seen her shout and dance in the duration of this sickness. I didn’t know why she was shouting, nor did I care, but I shout with her. Even if she could only shout for that moment, that alone was a miracle. We calm down a little and are off the platform and Leah testifies. She testifies that she has no pain anywhere. She could lift her left arm all the way up, which wasnt a possiblity. Her eye balls have constantly non-stop hurt this entire time and for the first time they didn’t hurt. Of course we all blew up!

So, you know how the enemy is. He creates doubt. So, I decided that everytime that came into my head I would rebuke it. Monday, she woke up, and felt fine. People texted and asked how she was doing, and I said healed! Tuesday, same thing. He we are a week later and she is still sympotom free! God is a miracle working God. Don’t give up.